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At 21 South Music, we pride ourselves on our commitment to positively impacting our industry, community, and the people who make 21 South special. Our team is our most valuable asset -- it’s what makes us unique, it’s what enables us to bring our distinct authenticity to every project. Music is an art form that has always brought people together, and we are committed to building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive team of executives, producers, composers and music professionals, from all cultures and beliefs, that support our creative values and mission as a company. 21 South Music is built upon the principles of creativity, collaboration, and a passionate dedication to our craft. This is achieved through prioritizing and fostering diversity in voices, perspectives and experiences. 


From the onset, we have worked to build a global roster of composers and producers from all kinds of backgrounds, celebrating and drawing on different artistic voices to create something unique. In addition to seasoned, premier composers, we are deeply committed to mentoring new composers and producers from all walks of life. We take pride in helping them continue their evolution as musicians, and in expressing their unique voices through their work. Our differences as individuals are our greatest strength as a team.


We are committed to creating an inclusive culture within our company, and promoting progress in our industry. We are passionate about supporting music-based charities, such as MusiCares, Save The Music, and others, which help the less fortunate and under-represented, and provide music education and accessibility for all communities. 

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